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Very enriching to build Europe between Europeans!

Chantale Servant
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Many different questions and intresting propositions. One of the medias I follow on a daily basis.

Florent de Place

Decideus is the marketplace of ideas that is related on hot European topics. Every day, the one single question asked opens an argumented debate and reinforces the necessity of a direct democracy.

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Do you know what Decideus stands for?

Decideus means « decide us » and represents the only digital tool that enables people to share their views on daily issues and seek arguments among European citizens in order to shape their own mind.

Decideus is Decideus, the great god of decision, who you can ask your question to and obtain answers from people all around Europe. Our database also enables you to obtain reports on previous debates.

Network and Team

Europe, united, is the most powerful economic area in the whole world. Although Europe is the leader in many fields, it is somehow divided, because it lacks efficient ways for its citizens to communicate. We, Europeans, proponents or opponents of the Union, meet everyday on Decideus to keep track with today's issues and bring critical and constructive propositions.
Each day, a question is debated, translated in our mother tongues. Everyone may share its ideas, think of new ones and make our Union linger and go ahead. Decideus is the only media that makes us closer through the intercultural understanding it promotes. It allows everyone to express its feelings on the news. We know that is the only way to influence decisions that would affect leaders and transform our planet for a better world.

The team Decideus is composed of profils with strong technical and analytical skills who are commited in gathering citizens and influenceurs. Join the team

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