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Decideus - Why ?
Why Decideus ?
Decideus aims to gauge public opinion. All Europeans, whatever their age, social class or their native countries can express themselves freely on the topics discussed on the website and mobile apps. Decideus is a forum where citizens but also politicians, journalists, philosophers, celebrities ... can gather to discuss and debate. Decideus wants to give meaning to freedom of expression by gathering amateurs and insiders on a single platform.
Decideus is also a way to challenge the elected representatives who haven’t spoken about a topic related to their field of competence.
How does it work ?
Decideus submits a daily question, by referendum, to all Europeans, translated into 24 languages, so that it is understood by the greatest number. Two choices of responses are possible: 'Yes' or 'No'. This question will be selected depending on the news and could be controversial.
Voters will have the opportunity to know the percentage of people sharing their opinion and put a comment related to the issue or respond to other comments already submitted. No more unrepresentative surveys, truncated and biased, based on a 1000 people sample ! Decideus interrogates 750 million European each day.
How is it used ?
Decideus is both a website and a free mobile application available on Apple Store and Google Play. The same features are available in both formats. Every action on the site pays Europoints to the users. The Europoints allow to distinguish users and to get a rank within the community, from Citizen to Emperor.
10 seconds, it is the maximum time needed to answer and leave a comment on the question of the day.